Service Mission

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It is the philosophy of Stone Mountain Police Department that we, as employees, will provide the highest level of customer service that will achieve total community satisfaction. When interacting with the community, we as employees, will treat people as if we would want our own family treated.

What are our goals and how will we achieve them?

  • Promptness:
    Respond to calls for service promptly
    Answer the phone on the first or second ring
    Submitting paperwork within required time frame
  • Competence:
    Know what you are talking about when interacting with the community
    Knowing signals and codes
    Know the laws and City ordinances that pertain to our job
    Know the streets of Stone Mountain
    Know how to use the equipment that relates to your job
    Be computer literate
    Get career development training necessary to advance to the next level
  • Personal Attention:
    Get our of your patrol unit and patrol Main Street on foot, develop relationships
    Spend time talking to kids from the area schools and general community
    Introduce yourself to the merchants and residents while patrolling
    Stop and assist the elderly in any way you can
    Go the extra yard in assisting people who are lost or need directions
  • Appearance:
    Make a good first impression
    Maintain good personal hygiene
    Keep your uniform neat and clean
    Keep your work area/patrol car neat and clean
    Keep the streets of Stone Mountain free of junk cars and trash
  • Good Work Ethics:
    Maintain a positive attitude and be polite and courteous
    Keep your morale up; don't rely on the department and others to keep it up
    Be grateful for your career and health
    Be grateful for having the opportunity to be what you said you wanted to be
    Perform the duties you get paid to perform
    Follow the procedures and don't take shortcuts
    Maintain self-discipline on and off duty
    Don't profile the community based on race, gender, or economic status
    Treat others like you would want your mother or father treated
    Maintain good phone etiquette